Now, we would like to tell you about the quantum threat Now, we would like to tell you about the quantum threat

The essence of the problem is in the fear that quantum computing systems, which have an extremely high speed of operations, will be able to unravel encryption keys and undermine the security of cryptocurrency blockchains.

It will take decades to increase the speed of gadgets at least up to 100 GHz, but during this time, ASIC devices will also evolve and maintain balance. So there are no special reasons to worry.

Modern quantum computing powers are not efficient enough. Their infrastructure has a low quantum gate speed. It is not enough to break the crypto key. Therefore, new products on the market, like IBM’s Q System One, are considered to be safe.

According to the manufacturer, a 20-qubit Q System One designed for commercial use cannot harm ATB and other crypto projects. Its task is to help bring qubit chips out of the laboratories and find their use in daily life.

In general, it is designed for the development of quantum applications for business and science. It should be noted that the buyers of this technical miracle will not be able to fully enjoy their possession. The computer is environmentally demanding and will be available for work remotely, using cloud technologies.

Many competitors have discussed this lack. Microsoft was quick to assure that this is nothing more than a marketing ploy. This qubit device does not have enough power for practical use.

Thus, at the moment, such projects as ATBCoin, are in relative safety. On a commercial scale, qubit computers for personal use are not yet being produced by anyone, which means that intruders do not and will not have a tool for breaking encryption.