The Thai Government Legalizes the Issuance and Sale of Crypto Securities The Thai Government Legalizes the Issuance and Sale of Crypto Securities

Recently, the Thai authorities approved the release of crypto assets, making the appropriate amendment to the Securities Exchange Act. Permission allowing crypto enterprises to issue shares and bonds will take effect a couple of months after publication.

The local regulator will prepare guidelines for this process, after which it will allow to legally produce security tokens. Despite the delay, many Thai companies took the news into account with great enthusiasm.

Thanks to the addition to the law, a perfect ecosystem of digital assets will be created in the country. Those who would like to develop in this field must obtain a license as depositories of securities and digital tokens.

Four enterprises have already received a license, while more than a dozen are still waiting to obtain it. Thus, the local regulator plans to launch a national crypto exchange platform after obtaining a license from the Ministry of Finance.

ATBCoin Team’s Opinion

Winter is coming to an end, and we are looking forward to the bright cryptocurrency future. We hope that all successes in the legislative field will strengthen the position of cryptocurrency, and the market will receive a new stimulus for development.

Our project along with others will help all market participants get more profit. We are going to attract more loyally-minded users, get a breath of fresh air and rush to new challenges in 2019!