Herbert W. Hoover
Herbert W. Hoover Co-Founder/Board Member

A seasoned Executive in the Technology industry, offering more than 20 years of experience in Digital Technology, Telecommunications and International Media

Edward Ng
Edward Ng Chief Executive Officer

Offering more than 30 years of engineering experience. A pioneer in Global IT Outsourcing and in fintech solutions. Additionally, he is a Software Developer with emphasis on UI and ISO/OSI model

Waiki Hui
Waiki Hui Technology Advisor

Software industry leader in the technology field of Linux, distribution systems, ISO-OSI protocol, and fintech solutions. Offering more than 30 years of experience, working with global giants such as Bell Laboratories, Citicorp, and JP Morgan

David Jacobs
David Jacobs International Business Advisor

Well-recognized in the Corporate Community of Investment in Australia as a professional maven of business marketing and an excellent strategic thinker with over 30 years of logistics, sales, marketing, and general management experience

Simon Choi
Simon Choi Financial Legal Advisor

International lawyer, qualified to practice law in England, Wales, and in Hong Kong (China) with over 25 years of experience in international trade, investment, finance, and merger/acquisition

Jude Huang
Jude Huang Web-App Technology Advisor

Produced many world class commercial web/APP applications for his corporate clients. Extensive experienced in web technology platforms and web-app architecture framework to leverage the latest technology and the most secured web-app user interface solutions

Gary Gan
Gary Gan Investor and Advisor

An Angel investor and Blockchain-Bitcoin business developer in greater China. Owner of a few Bitcoin companies (China) with investments in many start-ups, as well as Chief Executive Officer of Bitcoin Digital Asset Management Ltd, Senior Advisor and Investor in the field of the digital asset industry