Suspension of Partnership with and Suspension of Partnership with and

Dear Investors,

Starting from today, we suspend the partnership with two crypto-exchanges: and in order to protect users from possible additional unforeseen expenses.

At the exchange, as on any other crypto-exchange, there is a cash withdrawal commission. However, on this exchange, it accounts for 1-2%, which, in our opinion, is an overestimated commission. In the process of negotiations, representatives of have so far refused to make concessions and lower the commission. For this reason, we decided to temporarily suspend the partnership until the final identification of the terms of cooperation.

In addition, there were problems at the exchange with the input / output of funds. For this reason, until all mistakes are eliminated, we also temporarily suspend cooperation with this crypto-exchange.

We recommend the withdrawal of available ATB Coin funds, which are held on the balances of and within 2 days. For more information, please contact our technical support.

At the moment, negotiations are continuing with larger exchanges on the cryptocurrency market. Follow the news for the new announcements!