Regulatory actions directly affect the cost of Bitcoin and the rest of cryptocurrencies Regulatory actions directly affect the cost of Bitcoin and the rest of cryptocurrencies

Therefore, a recent announcement of the upcoming ETF approval by Japan has stirred up the market. Last week it was reported that the FSA is ready to consider approving the ETF. Is this true or another stuffing, which will raise a wave of HYIP?

As it turned out, the information is false. On Friday, service representatives officially announced that the issue of ETF is premature. The possibility of their approval is not considered.

The service has a similar position with respect to futures and other cryptocurrency derivatives. So far, Japan is not considering the possibility of their introduction, while FSA is not interested in this because of the absence of a constructive and social significance of trading in securities derived from cryptocurrencies.

In addition to another bold cross on the future of foundations, Japan is actively promoting the development of the crypto field. It is true that almost all projects pass through the prism of self-regulating organizations.

Jvcea is one of the national association of virtual currency exchange. Its task will be to regulate the activity of the crypto field, taking into account the problems identified by the agency.

These are the main risks of cryptocurrency investment:

  • *   excessive advertising;
  • *   lack of normal supervision and audit;
  • *   segregation of assets, concealment of corporate data.

Despite the disappointing news, the agency promised to consider the positions of ICO in the near future in order to give it official status. As a reminder, in 2017 it deservedly received cryptocurrency. If the Japanese legalize ICO, this practice will positively affect the development of the entire crypto field.

Experts expect that the outcome of the FSA review will be the development of a single set of financial rules for investing. This is a good result and a real achievement for such projects as ATB Coin.

Its entry into the market made possible the development of the crypto field, the expansion of its original boundaries and the emergence of products with completely new characteristics.

ATB Coin is a unique symbiosis of the advantages of many crypto projects. The high-speed formation of blocks in the blockchain, minimal commissions and a wide field of use make it the best choice for business and daily purposes!