New Exchange: ATB Coin is Listed on p2pb2b New Exchange: ATB Coin is Listed on p2pb2b

Dear ATB Coin holders! We’ve been waiting for this a long time and it finally happened. Meet one more opportunity for trading your coins. ATB Coin was recently listed on p2pb2b exchange. Start trading now!


p2pb2b is an exchange with 4 years of history behind that has been renewed and introduced a completely new trading platform. The platform tends to create an ecosystem where a company can run its business and individual traders to make transactions with no worries and risks. p2pb2b provides trading opportunities for all market players:

  • for traders: high performance, safety, and 24/7 client’s support.
  • for businesses: a possibility to list a new coin for 5 minutes, updated API, officially registered Estonian company.


ATB Coin network doesn’t stop developing and is always ready to provide its community with new opportunities for trading and using the coins. Get your ATB Coins now and start trading!