Monetize Content and Get 10% Bonus With C3C – New ATB Partner Monetize Content and Get 10% Bonus With C3C – New ATB Partner

Dear friends! ATB team doesn’t stop searching for new partners in the blockchain market. One more great project has joined our partnership network. C3C – an ICO initiated by CryptoCoin.News – offers 10% additional tokens for ATB Coin holders.

C3C is a decentralized blockchain-based platform that unites content creators, consumers, and advertisers and gives them an opportunity to monetize their content. Publishers can get new subscribers and new revenue streams through premium content while authors to receive direct rewards from users. C3C offers direct rewards for creators, control over the personal data by its legitimate owner and advertising activities.

The C3C pre-sale has already started and ATB Coin holders have an opportunity to buy project’s tokens. The minimum sum of investment is $5,000. The Token Sale starts on August 25th and there will be no minimum deposit. In both stages, ATB users can get a 10% bonus on token purchase. To deposit ATB Coins in the pre-sale, open a support ticket via the C3C Dashboard at Visit the official website for more information.
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