Micropayments systems are the optimal future of cryptocurrencies Micropayments systems are the optimal future of cryptocurrencies

The existence of the entire financial system is based on making payments. Moving cash flows help establish a close relationship between senders and recipients of funds.

On the one hand, there are producers of goods and services. On the other – consumers. The financial system works well and does not fail but there is only one problem that darkens the reality. It’s about high transfer fees.

In some cases, they reach 40% of the transferred amount, which makes participation in the payment process illiquid. This is often the case with international interbank transfers or when the amount of payment is meager, i.e less than a dollar.

The natural solution to this problem is the emergence of micropayment systems. These are effective platforms that allow you to make small transactions with a minimum commission.

There are many such projects on the market. Basically, they are in demand in the game industry and cellular communication systems to pay for downloadable content. However, they are underestimated, as this technology can bring many benefits that have been proven for several years by the crypto field. Thanks to cryptocurrency platforms, it is possible to save money on commissions, making payments with any amounts without large commission.

Cryptocurrencies for micropayments. ATB Coin

Cryptoboom of 2017-2018 became a catalyst for the development of many new areas of cash flow. And this is quite understandable. Any payment system has a minimum level of commission, at which its activity is breakeven. Plus, it is needed to consider the challenge to earn.

Thus, PayPal has a commission for any transaction ranging from 3.4%+1.5%, if you make any international transfer. Micropayments mean a commission of 5-6%, which is also much, especially if you need to send money with enviable regularity.

Against this background, cryptocurrencies with their 1% commission fee look more impressive. Of course, not all crypto platforms have such a commission.

Bitcoin is quite expensive when used as a means of payment, while many new crypto projects are unreliable. Through logical analysis, we managed to find out the main criteria for a good platform:

  •   *   Reliability;
  •   *   Good feedback;
  •   *   Strong team;
  •   *   Long-term ideas.

The ATB Coin project met All these requirements, as it is a large investment platform with wide functionality. The project has been operating since 2017 and is very popular among investors.

Its advantages:

  •   *   Eco-friendly and rational PoS (Proof of Stake);
  •   *   Multi-level protection using two algorithms (ECDSA and SHA-256);
  •   *   Combination of 3 technologies: Lightning Network, SegWit, and Smart Contracts;
  •   *   High transaction speed and minimal fees.

Due to its manufacturability, the platform has extensive functionality and provides the highest protection of funds.

The cryptocurrency has its own wallet, which can be downloaded from the official site. These and other advantages contribute to the active promotion of the project on the market.

The main values ​​of ATB Coin are instant anonymous payments without borders and without significant commissions. Cooperation with the platform is beneficial for enterprises of any ownership sphere and economically viable for business.

Payers and recipients of funds gain a lot of advantages, ranging from unprecedented security of accounts to instant transactions, thanks to the support of SegWit.

The system is scalable using the Lightning Network, has a resource-saving principle of mining and offers users virtually unlimited opportunities in the micropayment system. Worth trying!