Micropayments: pros and cons before fiat money Micropayments: pros and cons before fiat money

Micropayments are a popular business model for distributing downloadable content or accessing services at low prices (usually within $10).

Micropayments have been mentioned as one of the competitive advantages of cryptocurrencies over fiat money since 2013. We are talking about transfers worth $1 or less. Such amounts are unprofitable for conventional and electronic payment systems due to high transaction costs. And in cryptocurrencies they are just very low, regardless of the amount of payment. The fee that is charged for each transfer by payment systems (for example, PayPal charges about 3%) is also an argument in favor of cryptocurrencies with fees less than 1%.

There are three main models of micro-payment management today. One of the models is called “pay-as-you-go”. It can be attributed to the classic micropayments, i.e. the user makes a purchase on the fly.

Pay-as-you-go is a payment scheme for the consumption of cloud resources under the scheme “pay only for what you used”. This means that as soon as the user wants to access the article or other virtual product, the amount of the transaction will be charged from his credit card.

* The user gets freedom, he buys what he wants and pays when he wants.
* A merchant can sell low-cost virtual goods to a user who may not want to pay a higher price for them.
* Constant access to a credit card and a small amount of contribution can encourage the buyer to make rash purchases, to give an impulse that from marketing‒ a successful form of income.

ATB Coin: micro-payment solution
Is there a possibility today to create a system that can significantly reduce bank fees for online purchases? For payment systems, the introduction of such an innovation can be a real breakthrough. ATB coin is not centralized money. It doesn’t depend on any bank or payment system. The use of ATB coins is undeniable in the world of online shopping.

The advantages of ATB Coin
*The coin can reduce transaction costs and lift restrictions that are often present on credit cards.
*ATB Coin can be accepted as payment for any type of service, the principle of which is based on automated payment, for example, buying a travel card, a bus ticket, shopping in vending machines, car and bicycle rental.
*Using ATB coins, the user gets a fully autonomous environment in which two machines can interact with each other without human intervention. For example, the user’s car has a digital wallet that can be used to pay for gasoline, fare or any other automated service.
*The field of electronic payments needs to innovate. Everything that was said in this article is possible and is already actively implemented in everyday life. The time of ATB Coin is coming, we believe that this money will be able to revolutionize the classical currency market and cause a new wave of technological development and startup.