Marketing Plan

Top technologies, dynamic development, high-quality software with a high level of security and other advantages of ATB Coin cryptocurrency will stimulate the expansion of the cryptocurrency market and the rapid growth of its rate, which will depend only on the level of currency popularity among users. As a result, the marketing plan will also change.

 Personal accounts with a convenient interface will make the work with cryptocurrency overly simple for the interested users. Multicurrency wallets will allow you to quickly exchange coins for available fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, easily transfer money to the exchanges, as well as replenish and withdraw personal funds.

 Many analysts consider the use of the SegWit technology as one of the main ATB Coin advantages, which, according to market experts, can improve the performance of cryptocurrency in several areas at once. SegWit is a long-awaited solution to the problem of block scaling, which the blockchain market was waiting for. Lightning Network technology, also used by ATB Coin, allows increasing the speed of ongoing transactions, taking them out of the block, making it possible to conduct transactions without confirmation in the main chain of blocks. This reduces the load on the main network and saves time. The fastest transaction with Bitcoin takes at least an hour, but in fact, its confirmation can last for days – in the ATB Coin system you don’t have to wait. By the way, Bitcoin allows you to make transactions faster, but with a minimum fee – with ATB Coin, all transactions will be instant and free.

The main advantage of ATB Coin for users will be the possibility of cloud coin mining.

Cloud mining is a smart and easy way to invest. This is a group-based cryptocurrency mining without the need for electricity costs, round-the-clock control, software and other costs associated with classic mining. Cloud mining is currently leading in terms of speed/productivity and presents an improved type of team mining, giving the user the opportunity to earn money on cryptocurrency and to extract coins without working at the computer 24 hours a day. Such a system of cryptocurrency mining is suitable for both newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies, and for experts and large investors. The coins are accrued in proportion to the amount held in your account.

 The possibility of cloud-based ATB Coin mining will be provided in a multi-currency wallet, ensuring a high level of reliability, quick installation on the computer and a guarantee of safety when storing the funds. Smart ATB Coin Wallet will support all popular cryptocurrencies and provide the user with the options to select the desired currency from the list, as well as to make instant transfers between the currencies inside the storage and on the Local Trade Exchange.