Luxembourg Legalizes Security Tokens Luxembourg Legalizes Security Tokens

The case of security tokens broke the ice. In Luxembourg, this type of assets has received legal status.

In general, this is a great achievement for the cryptosphere, and, as practice shows, new positive changes usually follow such an adoption. Someone should take the first step, and the world community, having analyzed the legal aspects, acts more boldly and more willingly gives a blank check to the new technologies.

The essence of the adopted law is to provide financial market participants with the opportunity to work in the legal field. The same is with ATB Coin. Our token-utility has no limitations and meets all requirements of tokens of this type.

As for security tokens, there has always been a problem. Even the Howey test often did not help to find out which coins are utilities/securities. Luxembourg was the first among European countries to provide its citizens with legal certainty in this matter.

From now on, the issue of security tokens will be carried out in full accordance with the law which will protect the rights of investors and increase the efficiency of investments by reducing the number of intermediaries.

In fact, Luxembourgers equated traditional assets, such as stocks, with security tokens, as they both have the same legal status.

ATB Coin Team Opinion

Going with the times, the global investment sector should adopt a new type of dematerialized assets, to which all the same rules will apply as to the usual ones. Then the crypto market will receive a new inflow of investments and will expand!