Instructions for the Private Key

         Private Key is needed in order to be able to use your address on other services / wallets. It needs to be imported into that wallet / service where you intend to use it.

   To import your Private key, launch the wallet application on your computer. Enter the password to unlock it. Select the “Help” menu, the “Debug window” section, the “Console” tab.

At the command prompt, type importprivkey, leave a space and insert the key. Press <Enter> and the key will be imported. This may take some time to complete the process.

The address will be displayed in your addresses in the “Get coins” section and become part of your wallet.

   If you encrypted your wallet, you will need to enter into the command –
walletpassphrase ‘your secret password’ ’30’ ‘.

  To export the private key in your wallet, follow the same instructions, but instead of the importprivkey command, you need to use the dumpprivkey [your Bitcoin address here] command.