Get 10% Bonus From InfraCoins – New ATB Partner Get 10% Bonus From InfraCoins – New ATB Partner

ATB Coin is working hard on establishing new partnership relationships with promising blockchain projects. Real estate platform InfraCoins has recently joined our team and offers a 10% bonus on its tokens for ATB Coin holders.

InfraCoins is a fully operational, web-based hotel booking and long-term rental, listing platform. The system uses a blockchain technology to make the listing process less costly, more convenient, and secure. InfraCoins provides property owners and travelers with an opportunity to list their properties for rental or commercial purpose and rent them comfortably. With INF tokens customers will be able to book hotels across the globe with a minimum transaction fee. The platform regulates all transactions and relationships between the hotels/property providers and the clients with the help of smart contracts.

The project is currently holding the 1st stage of Token Sale. Support InfraCoins with ATB Coins and get 10% bonus tokens. Visit the official website to purchase tokens and find out more about the project. Don’t forget that ATB Coin can be bought on, HitBTC, and YoBit exchanges.