Germany Standardizes National Blockchain Technology Development Strategy Germany Standardizes National Blockchain Technology Development Strategy

The country’s leadership wants to hear feedback from industry and other interested industries to approve its final version by the summer this year.

Industry groups and companies that are interested in the deployment of blockchain technologies are offered to refuse from their suggestions and recommendations on the strategy of this process. However, they will be taken into account but it is not currently known whether this will result in a change in legislation.

Thus, this is not the most important thing at this stage. It is more important that Germany, the country with the strongest economy in Europe, is aimed at developing cryptocurrency. The country’s leadership is open to dialogue with companies interested in blockchain technologies.

There are about 170 crypto startups in Berlin, while there are much more of them in the whole country. The main industries interested in the industry are the automotive, pharmaceutical and energy industries, and the public sector.

ATB Coin Team’s Opinion

The adoption of cryptocurrency is growing throughout Europe which is a positive sign for the entire crypto market. Luxembourg has recently recognized security tokens. At the end of last year, Italy announced the start of work on its own blockchain strategy, which involved 30 experts.

The European Parliament urged countries to accelerate the integration of blockchain technologies into the business and trade sectors. At this stage, everything is not clear and there are no real data regarding this issue.

We do not lose hope, because the more countries will stop accepting cryptocurrencies and will recognize blockchain legally, the faster the crypto field will receive an inflow of new ideas.

This will benefit the users of our ATB Coin project. Against the background of stabilization of volatility, cryptocurrencies will steadily and dynamically increase. This will benefit both the team and our numerous community!