What is ATB Coin?
ATB Coin is an innovative decentralized cryptocurrency incorporating the best advanced technologies and satisfies the needs of all market players to the best advantage – users, investors and business owners. This universal payment tool differs significantly from other cryptocurrencies due to a number of innovations, but at the same time has such important qualities as decentralization and anonymity.
Who created the ATB Coin platform? Who controls the ATB Coin network?
Nobody owns the ATB Coin network, just as no one can own a blockchain network or the Internet technology. ATB Coin is controlled by all users participating in financial transactions using the cryptocurrency. ATB Coin developers can only improve the cryptocurrency software.
How is ATB Coin creating and operating?
ATB coins are created via competitive and decentralized mining process. Complexity of mining, limited resource, materiality – these properties, plus the use of cryptography for security, allow using the cryptocurrency as money. This is not just an arrangement. All these properties are already laid out in the system in the blockchain protocol, or in other words, in the “chain of blocks”. To accelerate the process of the transaction and increase the capacity of the blocks, ATB Coin originally included the Segregated Witness technology and the Lightning Network protocol, as well as the Smart Contracts algorithm (for more details on each technology, see below).
What are the ATB Coin advantages?
The main ATB Coin advantages are as follows:
  • Multi-level security system
  • High degree of account protection
  • Full transparency
  • Open blockchain
  • Lightning Network
  • Practically zero commissions thanks to Segregated Witness
  • Instantaneous speed of operations
  • Easy registration
  • Online support for users
What is Segregated Witness?
Segregated Witness or SegWit has the main advantage in the form of not only increasing the capacity, but also other improvements in the cryptocurrency that attract many developers. The SegWit goal is to optimize the size of transactions, allowing them to be placed in a block in a higher quantity that automatically solves the issues of network scalability, block overflow, transaction speed, and commission reduction. ATB Coin SegWit allows you to increase the efficiency of the block without increasing the block size.
What is the Lightning Network?
Lightning Network – a protocol allowing to optimize the payment process in the blockchain network, thanks to which the speed of transactions with any amounts significantly grows, while the size of commissions is noticeably reduced. Another element of the Lightning Network protocol is the multi-signature addresses. The Lightning Network often uses multi-signatures in the “2 of 2” scheme. To spend the crypto coins, stored at such an address, two signatures are required, generated with the help of two private keys. This mechanism maximizes network security.
What is Smart Contracts?
Smart Contracts is an electronic algorithm that describes a set of conditions, the execution of which entails some events in the real world or digital systems. Where there used to be accountants and lawyers, now there is a huge amount of opportunities to use this similar to the vending machine mechanism, which can replace traditional contacts with a cryptographic ones, providing the greatest protection of operations. Blockchain is the most secure environment for smart contracts. For the implementation of smart contracts, a decentralized environment that completely excludes the human factor is required, and for the transfer of value in Smart Contracts a cryptocurrency is needed.
What is a multi-currency wallet?
Multi-currency wallet supports all popular cryptocurrencies, gives the user the ability to select the desired currency from the list, instant transfers between the currencies inside the storage.
How to get started with ATB Coin?
In order to get started with ATB Coin, you need a wallet application installed on your computer or on a smartphone. The official version of the wallet you can download here. Instructions for installing, registering and using the wallet you can find here. You can buy ATB Coin at the cryptocurrency exchange, or as a payment for goods and services. You can earn ATB Coin with the help of mining and referral system.
On which exchangers can I buy ATB Coin?
You can buy ATB Coin on the crypto-exchanges or exchangers, the list of which you can find here. The ATB Coin team is constantly working on updating the list of exchanges and exchangers.
The price of ATB Coin
ATB Coin users have the opportunity to exchange the cryptocurrency at a set rate of 1 ATB Coin / 1,8 USD. At the same time, the ATB Coin growth rate will not be limited.
How can make profit using ATB Coin?
ATB Coin balanced marketing plan allows each user and investor to maximize their capital, effectively using their business skills. In order to get acquainted with the ATB Coin marketing plan, follow the link.
What is ATB Coin mining? How does it work and what is needed for the mining?
Mining is a process of issuing cryptocurrency, built on the solution of mathematical problems by the computers. The essence of mining lies in the fact that computers located in different points of the world solve mathematical problems, as a result of which coins are created. The mining process is not controlled by a single issuing center, and their distribution ensures safety.
How is the ATB Coin mining profit distributed? Is there a bonus for those who supported the project earlier than others?
As in any other financial / economic system, the first users of ATB Coin cryptocurrency can be compared to investors in a start-up, which can later acquire value, due to its usefulness and popularity. Thus, the acquisition of the first ATB Coin becomes a kind of investment with a long-term perspective.
What determines the value of the ATB Coin cryptocurrency? Can it be depreciated?
The price of ATB Coin cryptocurrency is determined by the demand and supply. When demand increases, so does the price, and when demand falls, prices decrease as well.
Is ATB Coin secure?
Protocol and cryptography have a time-tested high level of security. The ATB Coin team also introduced additional protection of the account: the ability to add IP when you turn on an additional level of protection. With the help of a special button, you can add IP (one or more), from which authorization will be allowed, from other IP the login will be impossible. However, the biggest vulnerability in the cryptocurrency is the errors of the users themselves. Losses and / or disclosure of their Login, Password, private keys, and their accidental removal can lead to a loss of your investment. Therefore, we strongly recommend providing a high level of protection for your private data storage.
What happens if ATB Coin wallet is lost?
When a user loses his wallet or access to it, the funds held on the wallet are taken out of circulation. They remain in the chain of blocks, but can not be returned to the user and can not be used.
I want to know more. Where can I get help?
If you still have any questions, you can contact our online support.