What is the Status of Institutional Investment in Crypto Winter? What is the Status of Institutional Investment in Crypto Winter?

An analysis made by independent researchers showed that the so-called crypto winter influenced more private investors than institutional ones.

Studying the list of rounds of financing and the funds raised during them, it turned out that there was clear progress. The number of large investors joining startups is increasing, while the information background of the industry is becoming more stable which is proved by the recent information about active mergers and acquisitions in this sector, as well as by the successful operation of TOP crypto platforms.

The price of many cryptocurrencies, including our ATB Coin, has increased significantly over the last 2-3 weeks.

On the user side, interest in technology and investment is growing again, and this could be the basis for broader attention from traditional institutions.

As soon as the fate of the ETF is decided, and the SEC will be ready to give a clear answer on this issue, the funds will be invested in the crypto field according to analysts.

There is the fly in the ointment

As in any sphere, there is the human factor in a cryptocurrency field as well. The management of hedge funds and other large investment firms are keenly tracking the mood in the retail market.

At the end of last year, it was panic. Therefore, no one wanted to risk more money. One head of an investment company said:

“If my clients are not interested in investment, I’m not interested in it too!”

So what to believe – statistics or cautious behavior?

We think that institutional investors are not yet ready to challenge crypto winter. It is more likely that in the coming months both the foundations for future investments and infrastructure will be created, and as soon as the regulators take a decision, money will flow into the crypto field. In the meantime, startups have time to take a break from HYIP, strengthen their positions and increase crypto capabilities.

Currently, we are doing that. We are preparing a number of improvements, as well as many other projects that are currently frozen. As analysts say, according to the “Dogs of the Dow” theory, the worst indicators of the previous period have almost 100% chances of success in the future.

Last year was the year of the Dog which is also symbolic. Compared to other assets, cryptocurrencies were the worst in 2018, so you can and should hope for explosive growth!