Signature Bank Transfers Millions of Dollars into Cryptocurrency Operating 24/7 Signature Bank Transfers Millions of Dollars into Cryptocurrency Operating 24/7

While the crypto community is discussing JPMorgan’s plans to transfer fiat currencies using the blockchain, a smaller bank has been doing this successfully for about two months.

The work is based on the Signet Bank blockchain system, to which more than one hundred clients are connected. The daily turnover of this platform is several million dollars per day.

Since its launch in early 2019, it has been the most successful project of the bank within recent years. The Executive Director of Signature Bank announced that customer turnovers are weighty figures:

“Sometimes, the turnover is a few million, sometimes – tens of millions. Thus, the number of our clients is growing daily ”.

Seeing the future in such technology projects as our ATB Coin, a representative of the bank said that start-ups in the market will be supported in the form of deposit accounts. This idea was also supported by the Metropolitan Bank (New York) and Silvergate Bank (San Diego).

The company plans to expand the provided services. Now the bank supports only two crypto projects:

  • PowerNet, trading on the Signet renewable energy platform.

  • Fast transfer of dollars via cryptocurrency transactions.

In the near future, there will be two other “ecosystems” – in the field of logistics and diamond sales. Negotiations are also underway with a fifth potential partner – an insurance company.

What does this mean for the crypto field and ATB Coin?

The adoption of cryptocurrency takes place in the dates estimated back in 2017. The blockchain technology has proven so convenient for many areas that now, many enterprises cannot operate without it.

Our project, being a part of the crypto market, takes advantages from this, therefore, confidence in cryptocurrency, as well as our position in the market, is growing. Within just a couple of hours, ATB increased by 11% which is an excellent result. Thus, we are striving for even greater heights!