Crypto News: ATBCoin + 45,53%. The Ban on Ethereum Advertising Crypto News: ATBCoin + 45,53%. The Ban on Ethereum Advertising

The forecast for ATBCoin looks optimistic. According to Coinmarketcap, a significant increase (45,53%) is demonstrated thanks to the ongoing development, new improvements and community growth. We’re working on a promising future!

Advertising on the keyword “Ethereum” is prohibited on Google Ads. Representatives of Decenter stated that ETH and the name of the cryptocurrency are blacklisted, therefore, it is impossible to launch advertising campaigns in these areas.

Google control did not pass such phrases as “Ethereum development service” and “Ethereum security audit”.

In response to a tweet, Google representatives announced that crypto-projects aimed at developing in the United States and Japan are ready to run advertisements on their platform, while targeting to other countries may cause failure.

In general, representatives of the media giant recommended opening a section on the cryptocurrency topic and learning the rules for displaying ads on financial products and services.

The Decenter representatives appealed to the Ethereum community on Reddit and reported that since January 9th, none of their advertising messages were shown in campaigns with such keywords as “Ethereum” and “ETH”.

They expressed regret and complained that Google has different political and economic plans and openly uses its position to promote its preferences.

After all, such phrase as “ATB Coin security audit” and some phrases regarding EOS are still advertised, while the demonstration of ads with the keyword “Ethereum” is stopped.

Is Ethereum vulnerable?

This is another issue. The adoption of an unpopular decision to switch to a new type of mining, a dispute between developers and an incomprehensible vision of the future of the platform set forth by Vitaliy Buterin, led to a decrease in the price of the cryptocurrency by more than 10 times.

Many people didn’t know how to make money on Ethereum mining and, in general, what will happen next, which led to a significant outflow of users, and to the fact that the coin was trading on large exchanges at the low rate.

The position of ETH has improved slightly in anticipation of the fork of Constantinople in January. At the time of this writing, the coin costs $115 and shows a fall. Miner rewards have been reduced from 3 ETH to 2 ETH. We will keep you informed!