Connecticut Plans to Legalize Smart Contracts Connecticut Plans to Legalize Smart Contracts

Bill №7310 provides the legalization of smart contracts for business. It states that no agreement regarding the confirmation of the legitimacy of a transaction can be denied legally even if such a contract is made through a smart contract.

In fact, if this bill is adopted, it will equate those who use smart contracts and more traditional methods of protecting information associated with a transaction.

ATBCoin Team’s Opinion

This is a big step forward for the crypto industry. In the US, this decision was made by Ohio lawmakers. Unlike Florida, where such a bill did not receive support, on the territory of Ohio, smart contracts managed to succeed within six months starting from August 2018 in the best possible way.

It is strange that such bills did not reach the state level. Last year, the US Chamber of Commerce said that the adoption of unified state legislation would hinder the development of the industry.