Bulgaria has more money in Bitcoin than in gold Bulgaria has more money in Bitcoin than in gold

There are currently more than 200 thousand BTCs running in the country. The value of the cryptocurrency is about $2 billion. The country’s gold reserves amount to 40.4 tons and are estimated at $1.8 billion.

The cryptocurrency coins came into the possession of the state after the disclosure of a group of swindlers in 2017. Bitcoins in virtual accounts were found to be 213,519 BTCs. By that time, the coins were worth about $500 million. Nowadays, it is $2.135 billion.

ATB team opinion

State officials do not like to answer questions about such significant funds. This money, on the one hand, appeared in the assets of Bulgaria after the discovery of a series of frauds with customs.

Conversely, there seems to be no legal mechanism for BTC to store valuables within the entire state. Anyway, it is interesting news that there are more Bitcoins than gold in Bulgaria!