Blockstream Satellite: Satellite Access to Blockchain Blockstream Satellite: Satellite Access to Blockchain

Gregory Maxwell shared interesting news. He created and has already tested the installation, the manufacture of which took only $200. How does this installation work? It makes it easy to work with the blockchain without the Internet.

This is a satellite network that can be used during interruptions in the work of the standard Internet. With it, you can carry out transactions without downtime, which is critical for many users.

Maxwell is a person with great experience in such matters. He previously worked on the Bitcoin Core project. His merits were appreciated, and now he holds the position of CTO at Blockstream.

Space Satellite

The idea that Maxwell had was to help all participants of cryptocurrency projects who live in regions with the unstable Internet. Interruptions are especially common in Asia and Africa.

The project, called Blockstream Satellite, is based on creating a network of satellites circulating in orbit around the planet and used for independent storage of information from the BTC blockchain.

Currently, there are already four such satellites. The project could help all those people who are deprived of access to the high-quality Internet to enjoy all the advantages of cryptocurrency technologies.

In addition to solving the problem of poor coverage, this project will help those people whose government imposes bans on the use of cryptocurrency stay online.

At the moment, it is not known how many orbiting satellites will participate in the program, but the project is really useful, dynamic and effective.

In accordance with the possibilities created for the Bitcoin blockchain, information about any other cryptocurrency including ATB Coin can be stored in the same way.

We had no doubt that ATB coin will be as relevant and important as the first cryptocurrency because it has much more advantages – it is well scaled, more environmentally friendly and practical.