Macron: “Blockchain is the Key to Europe’s Prosperity!” Macron: “Blockchain is the Key to Europe’s Prosperity!”

France believes that Europe needs a blockchain to be at the forefront of innovation, as it was recently announced by the president of the country, who called on European countries to more actively implementing blockchain to stimulate the development of agriculture, food, and other industries.

Macron made a speech at the International Agricultural Fair, held in Paris. He said:

“Let’s do this in Europe, [be at the] the vanguard of agricultural data by developing tools that will track every product from raw material production to packaging and processing.”

The president of France also called for the creation of a European task force to combat fraud in the production and sale of food. Such innovation as blockchain and other technologies should also be its pillar.

ATBCoin Team’s Opinion

We can recall the recent series of scandals involving low-quality products to make sure that blockchain is a real panacea for Europe.

It is needed to create a system of sensors that take readings and record them in the blockchain. Then, it will be even possible to trace the path of the peas in your salad up to planting the seeds in the field))