Bitcoin Payments Can Be Made Using Twitter Bitcoin Payments Can Be Made Using Twitter

The idea of popularizing Bitcoin has reached a new level. Now micropayments can be made using Twitter thanks to the developers of the Tippin application. The beta version of this project, released as a browser extension, allows you to send small amounts in Bitcoin using the Lightning network.

According to the creators of the project, this is a great way to make payments in Bitcoin. You just need to click on the small lightning icon located near the standard “Like” and “Retweet” buttons to transfer a small amount of money to the selected user.

Conducting micro transfers using social networks revive the old idea of one of the advantages of the first cryptocurrency. At the dawn of its existence, this method of transferring money contributed to Bitcoin’s popularization all over the world. Now, after crypto winter has ended, it can play the same role.

Thus, we are not talking about any major transfers, but about a kind of “tips”, rewards for successfully posted tweets, which act as gifts or attention signs to friends. Transfers conducted using the Lightning network are practically free and instant.

Conducting transactions is still available for Chrome users. In the future, expansion of platforms and social networks supporting transfers of funds is possible. The developers also hope that after the Lightning network has switched from the beta version to the category of full-fledged products, Bitcoin has a better future.

ATB Coin Team’s Opinion

We can only be happy for such innovations. The joint efforts of such activists helped overcome crypto winter. For us, as for a cryptocurrency project team, this means new opportunities.

Along with Bitcoin, the entire crypto market will expand. Therefore, it is noticeable now when the price of BTC exceeded $4,000. Against this background, the charts of most of the coins turned green. Only 4 coins included in the TOP-50 cryptocurrencies show a slight decrease, while others have shown noticeable growth.

The price of our ATB token has changed for the better during the day. The coin increased by 1.33%. We are strengthening our positions and trying to offer the best prospects to our users!