ATB-COIN Hits the Google Trends ATB-COIN Hits the Google Trends

The project, which showed strong performance in January 2019, could hit the Google Trends. At the end of January, the intensity of requests on “ATB Coin” was observed in France.

Interest in our cryptocurrency is quite clear. Being well scaled, the coin is convenient for cryptocurrency settlements thanks to a fast blockchain. These are excellent indicators.

Compared to other cryptocurrency projects, such an interest is a great success. Evaluating the market we observe that even interest in the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is gradually decreasing. At the end of January, its value decreased by 38% compared to the 90-day maximum price.

Cryptocurrency support is provided only by African users, as Bitcoin has traditionally been a popular means of payment on their continent. Users from Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa generally show interest when searching for “Bitcoin” on Google, although this cryptocurrency is still going through difficult times.

According to statistics, this drawdown, far from being the first in its history, is taking precedence in terms of the duration of the price drop. Before, the longest price drop was in November 2013 – January 2015. Then both the cryptocurrency and the entire crypto market went up.

Hopefully, the current period of cheapening the first cryptocurrency, which caused the real “winter” in the cryptocurrency field, is also coming to an end. Talking about past periods, there is always a takeoff after failure. We are ready for a takeoff!