ATB Coin Founder – Herbert W. Hoover Biography ATB Coin Founder – Herbert W. Hoover Biography

Today we want to thoroughly acquaint you with the founder of the alternative technological base ATB Coin, investor, developer, owner of incredible thinking, and just a down right, great man – Herbert W. Hoover.

Herbert W. Hoover is an American entrepreneur, a businessman coming from a legendary family that has left a trace of history to all mankind in the field of electronic production. Despite the success of the family business, the name of Herbert W. Hoover is not only known among the most famous Wall Street financiers (NY), but also in the real estate investment sector around the world.

“There are quite a few developers with a very bright biography from the world of finance and digital technologies. Several years ago I began to delve into what it was, and every day, I got more understanding of the blockchain and crypto-world as a whole. Information about the cryptocurrency spans you, so there was a big idea – to create a platform, not worse or better than others, but entirely different, with an alternative technological base – ATB Coin”, Herbert W. Hoover said.

The US is a free, democratic, multi-ethnic country that is always distinguished by original thinkers and developers of new projects. In this video, Herbert W. Hoover tells not only about the fragments from his biography, but also talks about a much broader view of the economy than what is currently accepted. Among other things, the reasoning of Herbert W. Hoover about the rapid absorption of the real world by virtual is interesting, bringing this process to a logical conclusion: the complete transition of mankind to a digital form, meaning the globalization of the cryptocurrency and the transformation of the world financial system.

ATB Coin cryptocurrency is a new look at the financial system by combining all the latest technologies and most importantly our future. Isn’t it clever?