Apple Secretly Interested in the Blockchain Apple Secretly Interested in the Blockchain

This week, Apple gave interesting news. On the one hand, the company concerns on its obligations, on the other hand, the Apple giant’s interest in the blockchain technology is clearly observed.

We are talking about its cooperation with the SEC and the document submitted to the commission which describes in subtle forms the goal of Apple to defend consumer rights in a global network of suppliers of popular products such as iPhone.

Thus, the document indicates that Apple took part in the development of the Blockchain Guidelines. This technology will be used to establish the logistics of supplying resources, and Apple is currently creating guidelines for this process.

ATB Coin’s Opinion: “So When Will iChain Appear?”

The company from Cupertino does not share its plans. It is not known whether it intends to become one of the technological giants offering services based on the blockchain. The cards have not been revealed, but we already know that there is interest in it))

Since 2017, the Apple team has been working closely with the SEC. Thus, a patent for a product that combines blockchain technology with public key infrastructure (PKI) has been filed.

Joining such a giant as Apple will be a breakthrough for the cryptosphere. This will allow you to configure the global payment system based on the blockchain. Using Apple devices, our ATB Coin can be transferred even faster and more conveniently.

It will be cool if the high speed of ATB Coin transactions, as well as ecological POS mining, offline payment codes, and other benefits will be added to unlimited opportunities provided by Apple products and technologies.