A new wave of interest to ATB Bitcoin A new wave of interest to ATB Bitcoin

Our coin is still caching investors eyes. Google trends have counted three big phase growth during the last 12 months. A new wave of interest started on 14.04 and, according to the state for 22.04 doesn’t intend to stop.

France has become the main region of interest and attention to this inquiry. South Korea,Canada, Australia, and the USA are in TOP-5. Interest growth has influenced the tokens price and cryptocurrency capitalization.

According to Coinmarketcap token demonstrates volatility. During its peaks the increase in value is + 3-5%, and capitalization –  $12-13.5 k. Our token is actively traded on 14 exchanges. Daily trading volume – $ 4.602 million.

Cryptowinter was endured with honor. From 15.12.18 the coin grew 1.8 times up. We make every possible effort to provide investors with the opportunity to trade and make a profit. We sincerely believe in your support!